7 Days Regular Serenade

7 Days Regular Serenade


 Love has special feelings of affection, care, respect, closeness and much more. Enjoy the whole week with your Valentine having roses, cakes, adorable cuddly bear and chocolates for your loved one delivered the whole week continuously.


(Day 1- Bunch of 10 red roses with 6” teddy bear)

(Day 2- half kg pineapple cake with one Cadbury celebrations pack & 3 cadbury temptations)

(Day 3- 24 pieces Ferrero rocher box)

(Day 4- heart shaped 30  red roses)

(Day 5- Ferrero rocher chocolate bunch)

(Day 6- Bunch of 20 red roses with small Ferrero rocher box)

(Day 7- heart shaped 30  red roses with 1kg heart shaped chocolate cake)

Special Price ₹14999 ($249.98)

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